Gold Butte Lookout



Gold Butte Lookout (OR)
HC73 BOX 320
Mill City OR 97360

From Detroit Ranger Station drive east on State Highway 22 toward the town of Detroit. Directly, after crossing the bridge take a left onto FS Road 46 (Breitenbush).

Drive FS Road 46 for about 4 miles to FS Road 4696. Turn Left (northeast) onto FS Road 4696 and drive about three fourths of a mile to FS Road 4697.

Turn left or north onto FS Road 4697 and drive about 5 miles to the saddle.

Turn Right onto FS Road 451 road and proceed to the first right (FS Road 453).

Proceed through the gate approximately one half mile to the parking area at the second green gate.

Gate combination lock: 2-6-8-4 enter code, then squeeze locks together to open. close and lock gate after passing through.

The lookout is located approximately one half mile from the parking area. You will be hiking on a road to a saddle and from there a steep trail to the summit.

Detroit Ranger District: 503-854-3366


For July 21st and 22nd

Location: Latitude: 44:45:04 N / Longitude: 122:28:48 W | Google Maps

Night Sky for 6/21


Large Image

Sky fisheye image



Monday night - astro dark at 11:00pm, but moonrise by 11:12pm east by southeast.
Tuesday night - astro dark at 11:00pm, but moonrise by 11:25pm east.

July 28 - Southern Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower. The Delta Aquarids usually produce about 20 meteors per hour at their peak. The shower will peak this year on the night of July 28, but meteors can be visible from July 18 - August 18. The waning crescent moon should provide relatively dark skies and good viewing conditions. The radiant point for this shower will be in the constellation Aquarius. Best viewing is usually to the east after midnight.

Jupiter and moons

Positions on 7/21/08 11:59pm:


From left: Jupiter, Io, Ganymede, Europa, Callisto.

io.jpg ganymede.jpg europa.jpg callisto.jpg

How my scope sees it with max magnification:


Rise and Set

Sun 5:44 AM 8:48 PM
Moon 10:25 PM 9:19 AM
Mercury 4:54 AM 8:22 PM
Venus 6:43 AM 9:28 PM
Mars 9:31 AM 10:39 PM
Jupiter 7:52 PM 4:46 AM
Saturn 9:00 AM 10:31 PM
Uranus 10:54 PM 10:32 AM
Neptune 9:46 PM 8:01 AM

Milky Way galaxy - new map

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